The landscape for investing in marijuana stocks has changed drastically over the past few months. Although much of the cannabis industry remains the same, there are a few key changes that pot stock investors should be aware of. For one, the Coronavirus pandemic has completely reshaped the cannabis industry. In the past few months, we have witnessed trading for the top marijuana stocks to watch, change greatly. In addition, the demand for marijuana has shot up quite a lot during this time period.

Because of COVID, investors should know that pot stocks are more volatile than ever. With this in mind, we can begin to understand how to trade with the current market trends. Investors should also make sure that they are always up to date on what is going on in the cannabis industry. By doing this, we can prevent surprises with price action in the cannabis industry. With that in mind, trading pot stocks remains largely similar to trading any other stocks. With the right information and research, finding marijuana stocks to watch can be easier than previously imagined.

A Major Pot Stock to Watch

Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ:APHA) is one of the largest marijuana stocks in the industry. Recently, APHA stock showed a fifth quarter in a row of producing positive earnings. Because of this, many investors have begun to pay more attention to what APHA stock is doing. In only a year or so, the company was able to grow its EBITDA by more than 30 times, showing a current amount of around CA$8.5 million. In addition, APHA stock has garnered attention due to the company having as much as CA$500 million in free cash. 

As one of the only profitable pure-play pot stocks, APHA stock has continued to be a top marijuana stock to watch. Although it can be quite volatile, most pot stocks at this level are. Currently, APHA stock has a market cap of around CA$1.8 billion which makes it one of the largest marijuana stocks in the industry. Although size is not the only marker of success, it is definitely something to consider. Investors should always be watching their investments to see what data is coming out of the company. But, Aphria is continuing to show that it is a pot stock to watch due to its consecutive earnings.

Another Large Marijuana Stock to Keep an Eye On

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB) is one of the most traded marijuana stocks in the industry. As of December of last year, ACB stock was the most traded company on all of Robinhood. With that, the company has since dropped by a few places on that list, but it does still remain quite popular. Because of its size, ACB stock has continued to garner a lot of attention in the cannabis industry. Again, it's size is not the only thing that matters. Rather, Aurora Cannabis has continued to develop its market presence in several countries outside of its domestic Canadian market.

The company has stated that it is continuing to work on having a large foothold in the German cannabis industry. With very low and competitive prices for its cannabis, ACB stock has a great chance at showing success in the near and distant future. But, with some big losses this year, investors should always keep an eye on this volatile pot stock to watch. All of this considered ACB stock continues to show that it has a lot of potential to remain one of the largest marijuana stocks in the industry.

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