(SPRT) erupted out of nowhere this month and is suddenly stealing the Reddit-crowd's affection. And for good reason: It's fast pushing GameStop aside. Shares of are up 1,583% just this year. That puts it ahead of the still-impressive 1,041% year-to-date rise of GameStop.

Just Monday, SPRT stock is up 9.78, or nearly 40%, to 36.10. Shares are up more than 200%, just in the past month.

And now, is the No. 2 top stock among all the stocks in S&P 1500 and S&P Completion indexes this year. And it's making a run at the No. 1 spot still hung onto by AMC Entertainment (AMC) with its 2,017% gain this year.

And that difference is adding up to real money. Had you plunked down $10,000 on in January, it would now be worth $168,319. That's already nearly 50% more than you would have made in that time on GameStop. And it's only 25% shy of the $211,698 you'd have if you owned AMC Entertainment. Comes Out Of Nowhere

What is It's a tiny $638 million in market value company that provides tech support for employees who work from home. Yes, they're the people who tell you to reboot your computer when your email isn't working.

And this is certainly not a company on Wall Street's radar. There are no current analysts following the stock, says S&P Global Market Intelligence. That means there are no valid earnings or revenue estimates, much less a price target.

The company reported having total assets of $46 million and liabilities of $5.7 million at the end of the last quarter in June. And during the period, it reported a net loss of $799,000 on revenue of nearly $8 million. Keep in mind, it made $617,000 in the same year-ago period on 33% higher revenue.

The company is due to report its next quarterly results on Nov. 12. It's not in any major market indices, such as the S&P Small Cap 600, much less the S&P 500.

What's The Draw Of

Investors are looking to as the latest opportunity to rush into a stock with heavy short interest and run it up.

More than 25% of's shares outstanding are still in the hands of short-sellers. That's much higher than the 18% of AMC Entertainment shares being shorted and just 10% of GameStop.

When a stock is heavily shorted like, bearish investors borrow the stock and sell the shares. But if the stock rises, these shorts are forced to buy the shares back. If they don't, they face u

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