It has been amazing to watch U.S. stocks turn around this year, following a miserable fourth quarter, in line with to the Federal Reserve‘s change from monetary tightening back to the dovish tone and policy investors have grown so used to since 2008. But the highest (and lowest) fliers in the market have their own narratives driving superlative performance.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has returned 16.1% this year (with dividends reinvested) through July 11, following an 11.8% decline during the fourth quarter, according to data provided by FactSet. The S&P 1500 Composite Index (made up of the S&P 500 the S&P 400 Mid Cap Index and the S&P Small Cap 600 Index) has returned 20.5% this year, following a 14% slide during the fourth quarter, also including reinvested dividends.

With such a large decline preceding this year’s euphoria, the 12-month figures may be more interesting: The Dow has returned 12.3% over the past year, while the S&P 1500 Composite Index has returned 9.0%.

These Big Winners In 2019

Six stocks among the S&P 1500 that have returned at least 100% over the past 12 months, including dividends, through July 11. Here’s a list of all 27 index components that are up at least 75% over the past year:

Here’s a summary of Wall Street analysts’ opinions about these companies:

Biggest Losers

Over the past 12 months, 91 stocks among the S&P 1500 have dropped at least 50% (again, including reinvested dividends). Here are the 15 that have plunged at least 75%:

Here’s how the analysts feel about the worst performers among the S&P 1500 over the past year:

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