The S&P 500 is up roughly 25% this year, down slightly after posting record highs throughout the fall. That puts it on pace for its best year since 2013.

The US stock benchmark was boosted by three Federal Reserve rate cuts, strong earnings results, and better-than-expected economic data following the summer's heightened recession fears. The Dow Jones industrial average and Nasdaq Composite also notched all-time highs in recent months.

The index's energy sector was the only group to post single-digit growth in 2019, with all others soaring at least 15%.

Here's how each sector of the S&P 500 performed this year, ranked in ascending order. Performance is as of 2 p.m. ET on December 10.

11. Energy

Performance: 3%

Highest-weighted holding:Exxon Mobil

10. Healthcare

Performance: 15.2%

Highest-weighted holding:Johnson & Johnson

9. Materials

Performance: 17.9%

Highest-weighted holding: Linde

8. Utilities

Performance: 18.4%

Highest-weighted holding: NextEra Energy

7. Consumer discretionary

Performance: 22%

Highest-weighted holding: Amazon

6. Consumer staples

Performance: 22.5%

Highest-weight component: Proctor & Gamble

5. Real estate

Performance: 23.1%

Highest-weighted holding: American Tower

4. Industrials

Performance: 25.3%

Highest-weighted holding:Boeing

3. Financials

Performance: 26.8%

Highest-weighted holding:Berkshire Hathaway Class B

2. Communication services

Performance: 28.7%

Highest-weighted holding:Facebook

1. Information technology

Performance: 40.9%

Highest-weighted holding:Microsoft

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