Poor NASDAQ: SNDL needs only around $0.05 as it was already riding above $0.50 but some gamblers who bought in premarket quickly sold off the shares to make even a 5% return using their smartphones. Since last Monday SNDL has been the hottest cannabis stock that costs pennies to start investing for even newbies. Thanks to lawmakers who are trying to make marijuana products legal in several states.

In October no one knew SNDL will soar in weeks while other stocks like Tilray, Planet 13, Terra Tech, Aphria, and Aurora were doing so well as several big whales jumped onto their bandwagons with millions of USD. Such a penny SNDL is now in an angry strike to pop over the $0.50 which was achieved before 10:00 am EDT today.

40% more growth needed to cross that line with aid of long-term traders who can wait even months to get their multiplied returns. Even though Sundial hasn’t met any projected earnings the demand for the shares isn’t going to stop for a while. Maybe tomorrow’s volatility will show up with its ruthless act against marijuana lovers.

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