Official newspaper China Daily launched a scathing attack on President Trump in an op-ed, considered a Beijing-by-proxy mouthpiece, blasting his repeated accusations against China on Twitter, proclaiming that his messages are from an alternative universe. 

Claiming that Trump is casting China as a “scapegoat,” after accusing them of hacking Hillary’s e-mail server:

“that will not deter the US president from smearing China’s image as he desperately needs a scapegoat in the run-up to the midterm elections, so he can divert public attention from the troubles the White House has become mired in”. 

The relatively strongly-worded editorial also took aim at Trump directly, commenting:

To the thinking person, there are few things more disconcerting than a tweet by the US President, as they initially seem to accord to reality but then quickly turn into messages from some alternative universe.

As The Economic Times reports, The Daily also expressed displeasure with another tweet where Trump blamed the Chinese communist regime for the lack of progress in the rapprochement with North Korea, and underlined that:

“China, against whom he is launching a trade war, is an easy candidate for that role, since it has long been demonised by US politicians.”

The article further notes that Trump indiscriminately uses his Twitter account to unleash his anger at his ‘enemies’

“…there is method behind his twittering… to be fair, it is not just China that Trump is maligning. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice have also had their integrity impugned.”

The straight-from-officials ‘opinion piece’ concluded with a jab at the deplorables:

“Since his supporters have shown a willingness to suspend disbelief, we can no doubt look forward to more such tales.”

As Reuters notes, state media in China have in recent weeks adopted an increasingly aggressive stance against Trump as the world’s two biggest economies have become engaged in an increasingly bitter trade war. That marks a shift from their previous approach of tempering any direct criticism against the U.S. president.

Read the full editorial here…

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