RealtyHop, a website dedicated to helping millennials find smart home investments, released a new report on their blog which looked at poop complaints data of metropolitan cities across American and discovered that San Francisco received ten times more poop complaints than New York City, the largest city in the US. 

“San Francisco, as small as it is, is covered by poop, dog and human poop. According to the San Francisco Department of Animal, there are around 120,00 dogs in San Francisco, making it one of the most dog-friendly cities. In addition to our furry friends, there are over 7,000 homeless individuals in San Francisco. Sounds a lot better than New York and Los Angeles, you might say. But the lack of shelters and a better system is putting the city in danger,” warned RealtyHop. 

The report labels the Californian city as the “Doo-Doo Capital in the U.S.”  

Data compiled by Realtyhop reachers showed 455.89 pop sightings reported per square mile in 2017.

“Living in a s—ty neighborhood has a whole new meaning for San Franciscans,” RealtyHop states. “Unlike what we saw in Chicago and New York, the city center of San Francisco is, sadly, covered by poop, and neighborhoods away from the city center see fewer complaints (except for Golden Gate Park).” 

Here are the Shittest Neighborhoods: 

  1. Golden Gate Park – 3218.75 Average Yearly Complaints/Per 10,000 Households – 23 complaints in 2017, 18 complaints in 2018 as of August 31st. 
  2. South of Market – 2492.90 Average Yearly Complaints/Per 10,000 Households – 4,436 complaints in 2017, 3,782 complaints in 2018 as of August 31st. 
  3. Tenderloin – 2272.61 Average Yearly Complaints/Per 10,000 Households – 4,035 complaints in 2017, 2,211 complaints in 2018 as of August 31st. 

“While one would assume that lower-income neighborhoods might experience worse poop issues, that is not the case in San Francisco,” according to the website. “It seems that the poop crisis in San Francisco is unlike what we see in other cities (where you can just blame it on the cute furry little friends of ours), it reflects more so a social crisis.” 

San Francisco’s comfortable climate has made it a mecca for the country’s homeless. Out of the 7,499 homeless people recorded in 2017, about 58%, or 4,353 people, were masked as unsheltered, which has spurred tent cities across the downtown. 

Data compiled by RealtyHop shows the number of poop complaints has jumped from 2011 to 2018, and the number almost tripled — from 5,606 to 20,899 — from 2011 to 2017. Researchers say 16,310 complaints have been logged in so far this year, which may indicate 2018 could be the shittest on record. 

In response to the very shitty situation, city authorities launched a six-person crew, under a new pilot program called the Poop Patrol, with the mission of cleaning up poop before anyone has a chance to complain about it. 

However, none of this is surprising as the cost of living in the region continues to soar, leaving many residents left behind in the broken economy. Rising wealth, health, and education inequalities have driven the city to a breaking point, where low-income people have now been forced to live in tent cities and or their automobile. 

“It’s a kind of middle-class homelessness,” writes Steve Lopez in an article for the Los Angeles Times. 

San Francisco covered in poop seems to be the result of a widening wealth inequality crisis. There are no indications the wealth gap will normalize in the region, as the shit storm is expected to get worse.  


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