Authored by Tom Luongo,

The “Resistance” has morphed into the “Lynch Mob.” Having successfully been gaslit into believing Donald Trump is everything from a bad joke to a Russian spy, the Progressive left in the U.S. are embracing all the totalitarian impulses their grubby little hands can find as they climb the Cliffs of their Insanity to remove him from office.

This putsch is orchestrated by a now open conspiracy of members of FBI, CIA, MI-6, DNC, the U.S. corporate media and Trump’s own staff in the Oval Office as evidenced by the recent and infamous New York Times op-ed.

This expose from a Trump staffer reads like a cross between the Neoconservative Manifesto and a Little League parent complaining his kid doesn’t get enough play time.

My bet’s on Lil’ Miss AIPAC, Nikki Haley, but maybe that’s just because I hate her.

The sheer crudity of the thing was embarrassing to anyone who makes their living crafting words. But, when constructing a narrative built on a lie that lie only has to be one IQ point higher than the average target audience to get the intended response.

And since it’s demonstrably true that the more people gather into groups the dumber they get….

Well, ok, that rules out Haley.

So, while David Brock and George Soros openly pay people to protest on Capitol Hill, Alex Jones personally confronts his tormentors speaking inconvenient truths to power. So, they finally banned him completely from public sight.

From the outside the opera of American politics must look like someone threw a stink bomb on stage while the fat lady was singing.

All of this is undermining the faith in the U.S. political system.

And while to a libertarian like myself this is definitely an occasion that warrants a big bowl of popcorn, it should also loosen your bowels a little.

Like all good comedy should.

Because the world financial system is predicated on confidence, specifically confidence in U.S. institutions. Because confidence in U.S. political and financial institutions is the basis for global confidence in the U.S. dollar and by extension that confidence forms the backbone of the entire world economy.

Currencies are a reflection of confidence in the governments which print them. So while people starve in Venezuela “The Lynch Mob” screams “capitalism is failing” from their custom-colored iPhones.

Financial markets look calm today but they aren’t. Global capital is confused. A rising U.S. share market is a mix of the good from Trump’s reforms and a loss of confidence in his Presidency.

Capital doesn’t know whether to jump East or West. This is why the euro refuses to collapse. At this point all capital knows is that the emerging markets which made them a lot of money in an age of zero-bound interest rates on the dollar are no longer sustainable.

So, they are all crashing at the same time.

The fuse has been lit on debt bombs sitting on the balance sheets of insolvent European banks.

And when that bomb explodes, it will expose the nakedness of the Emperors of global institutional confidence – The Federal Reserve, The European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

And all of that capital that flowed out of the U.S. and Europe over the past decade searching for yield in a world where risk was suppressed to save the banks is coming back like a Tsunami.

And guess who’s ox that gores?

The people who stoked and cultivated The Resistance to climb up those cliffs of Fortress America to destroy Trump.

So, while to the “Lynch Mob” Trump’s presidency may seem like a bad joke, the punch line is if they are successful at destroying Trump by illegally removing him from office, they not only destroy America by causing a Constitutional crisis but likely take the entire world economy with him by causing a Constitutional crisis.

And in the end no one profits from this. You only survive it.

At this point no one in the power circles of D.C. are thinking much farther than the end of their nose and the size of their lobbyist kickbacks. They want the gravy train to keep chugging along and protect themselves from their corruption being exposed to the world.

Their weakness is being exploited by people like Robert Mueller to isolate Trump, leave him without competent legal representation and force him through sheer force to resign in disgrace.

But Trump truly is a Joker figure.

He’s 1) too smart for that and 2) too damn stubborn to give in. He knows they have nothing of substance on him. He’s masterfully destroyed the media’s credibility while endearing himself to those that value the military, police and first responders which in their minds keep the lights on and the roads safe.

The question is whether there are enough of them left on his side to hand him the majority in the Legislature he needs to avert the Constitutional crisis Mueller are setting up.

So, the narrative today shifts to Trump being unfit for the job by spreading rumors and innuendo. That’s what they have been reduced to. Even if some of those things are true, we don’t care.

We elected Trump to Drain the Swamp. We didn’t need the sordid details of how he was going to do it.

It was plainly evident to a majority of Americans that the drama on Capitol Hill was closer to an episode of Arrested Development than The West Wing.

We simply knew inserting our own Michael Bluth into the mix would allow the insanity burble to the surface for everyone to finally be okay with tearing it all down.

The problem is, however, The Lynch Mob has lost their sense of irony.

So, now the laughs are all canned because this show ain’t funny anymore.

That Trump has been forced to surround himself with Israeli-Firsters and literal scumbags (or do I repeat myself) like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence and John Bolton is a testament to just how deep The Swamp is and how powerful the bureaucracies they control are.

While Trump has made some strides in improving things domestically, the big foreign policy breakthroughs have been cordoned off from him at every turn. It is obvious that many within his administration act independently and undermine him whenever they can.

The true believers of neoliberal interventionism are the ones driving the foreign policy bus off that same cliff the Lynch Mob is climbing. And that’s where this whole sordid mess comes crashing to a very ugly, chaotic conclusion.

Because the Neocons and their European counterparts, like The Lynch Mob, refuse to go quietly into the annals of history. They are still suffused with their Trotskyite dreams of world domination and revenge against the dirty Russians who betrayed the revolution nearly a century ago.

They are still aligned with the rapacious psychopaths in the financial centers that nearly destroyed Russia in the 1990’s. And they want Trump gone to continue their plan of Russian and Chinese subjugation via U.S. dollar and military diplomacy or they’ll start WWIII.

And that’s a joke that no one wants to hear the punch line of.

*  *  *

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