Authored by Tom Luongo,

Yesterday’s dramatic cloture vote to push SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh to a final confirmation vote is one of those political moments of pure victory.  It was messy and it was tense, but the ultimate outcome was better than I could have ever originally expected.

Because it’s pretty clear to me that we’re looking at the kind of big operation run on the Democrats and the Soros Group to expose not only their tactics, the classic “Nuts and Sluts” shaming technique, but also in the process crush certain powerful members of the Democratic party which have been the conduit through which ‘the Resistance’ has driven our political process to the point of no return.

Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation was supposed to create the kind of uproar that would have Kavanaugh withdraw well before any of the dots could be connected by Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley and others.

The rapid succession of accusers was supposed to overwhelm the news cycle with outrage porn and the Rebpublicans were supposed to fold like they always have in the past.

But we’re well beyond that point.  I’ve been warning about this since Trump began rising in the polls.  He out-Alinsky’s the Alinskyites and by doing so gives spine to the spineless and energizes a frustrated conservative/libertarian base of voters to go after these obviously corrupt, venal, power-mad freaks that run both the GOP and the DNC.

So, to me, it looks like some form of ‘operation’ was run on Feinstein and the Democrats here.  That the chum that was Brett Kavanaugh — young, rich, white, successful, etc. — they couldn’t ignore.

Like flies to a bug zapper they flew too close to the light and were fried unmercifully.  Feinstein knows she’s done.

This letter tells you so much about what is really going on behind the scenes.  

Grassley is telling this group of feckless jackasses he has has them dead-to-rights.  He has their texts/IM’s and knows this was all coordinated through Feinstein’s office.  That’s why DiFi looked like she was crying while Chuck Schumer handled the press.

Feinstein’s done.  The woman should have been arrested for treason after the scandal about her driver working for the Chinese broke earlier this year.  But, we should be able to connect a dot or two here and see that that was used as leverage against her to hold Blasey-Ford’s accusation until the most politically-damaging moment.

Wait for the fall-out from this.  The Republicans had a win/win situation on their hands here as long as Kavanaugh was 1) not guilty and 2) willing to endure the process.

It looks like he was able to do both.  Because if the Democrats force a failure of the vote, it will energize people to go to the polls in numbers unheard of for a mid-term election.

Or, if the Republicans finally fight back the way they are supposed to, then they 2) energize the base to finally crush these venal scumbags that so richly deserve it.

One of the two major parties has to fail for the Swamp to truly be Drained.  Old power structures within the Senate and House need to crumble.  Diane Feinstein is staring (with tears in her eyes) at censure, being stripped of her seniority and possible forced retirement.

All of those relationships get shattered. There are ripple effects up and down the lobby circuit in D.C.

What’s sad is that they really thought the rules hadn’t changed.  And if I’m right that this was an operation planned from the beginning to frame Kavanaugh with a known liar, not only Ford but Julie Swetnick as well, then by the time this is done everything in Washington will look very different over the next six months.

George Soros and Tom Steyer will have to spend even more money on their next losing battle.  And at some point, the situation in D.C. will turn against them far enough for asset seizure and possible imprisonment.

While watching the livestream keep all of that in mind as well as anything else I’m not catching in my initial read on this most fascinating political victory.  As always NSFW rules apply (so headphones, folx).

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