Taxi drivers at the San Francisco airport have been put on notice to kindly stop urinating and dropping deuces in the taxi parking lot, reports The Daily Mail

Furious airport officials have written an open letter to cabbies warning them to stop using the parking lot as a bathroom, as “Failing to use the appropriate facility will not be tolerated.” 

The letter from Seth Morgan, a senior transportation planner at SFO, said: ‘Airport staff have noticed an increased rate of urination and defecation in the rear of SFO Taxi Lot #3 and nearby stairwells.’ –Daily Mail

“This creates a highly unsanitary condition and a health hazard for SFO custodians and other staff handling the materials stored in these areas,” continues the letter. 

Violaters are subject to suspensions, fines and/or arrest,” reads the notice.

To police the pooping cabbies, SFO officials will be sending in the poop patrol. No, not that poop patrol that the city has sent in to power wash the droppings of local homeless denizens – rather, these patrollers will monitor the cabbies for violations of the new pooping policy. Doubtful they make $185,000 per year including full benefits. 

Former SFO taxi company CEO John Lazar told the SF Examiner that he was shocked to receive the emailed notice and couldn’t believe that this was happening. 

“I don’t think our cab drivers are that much of a degenerate so they piss and shit on the streets,” Lazar said. But, he added, SFO lines are money-makers for cab drivers, so it’s easy for SFO to enforce the rules.

SFO could “say if you don’t use the bathroom, you lose your place in line,” he said.

Tariq Mehmood, a taxi driver who often organizes other drivers around industry causes, told the Examiner bathrooms are within 60 feet of the taxi lots.

“The bathroom is close enough,” he said. –SF Examiner 

What is it about San Francisco that makes people want to shit all over the place? 

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