By Des Woodruff, GrokTrade

What’s the quickest way for a trader to make a million dollars?

Well… start with two million dollars, and open a brokerage account… as the old adage goes.

That’s true for many. At least it was for me - a once aspiring trader, now hedge fund manager.

I'm Des Woodruff, founder of the Grok group of companies, and below is a little bit of my trading story.

Imagine taking a six-figure account, and dwindling it down to a few dollars after a few months of trading…

That’s exactly what happened to me in my first few trading accounts. And it’s exactly what happens to most successful traders before they finally “get it.” There’s countless examples in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards books.

I thought "if there was only some kind of shortcut, indicator, trading tip, newsletter, or some kind of secret I could use to “beat The Street,” but I’m sad to say that to this day, I still haven't found any of them to be we all search for inevitably search for in the pursuit of trading.

All I found was that successful trading requires immense amounts of discipline, hard work, the tenacity to succeed, and a solid trading plan - that same requirement in any business venture.

I know because I’ve journeyed the path myself over the years, and I've helped hundreds of would-be traders, cross the mark from hopeful, to profitable.

Maybe that’s you? Maybe you’re “stuck...” for lack of a better word?

Perhaps you’ve been trading awhile and your results aren’t where you think should be? Either you’re marginally profitable, losing your ass, or you’re ready to scale your trading to the next level...

Whatever difficulty you’re facing in trading, I know what your problem is, and I know how to fix it! I did it for myself, and I’ve done it for countless other traders over the years. And I’d love the opportunity to do it for you!

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you.

If that’s you, keep reading.

I get hundreds of these requests each month, and only a handful have what it takes to make it through the program I’ve put together, so I have to be selective… and I need to know what your specific problem is before we go any further.

To get there, I need you to answer a few short questions to help us both understand what’s keeping you from earning the profits you want and deserve.

I call it my Profit Killer Quiz, because it’s helped hundreds of traders realize whats keeping them from extracting profits from the markets they desire. And you can take it right here:

After answering a few short questions, we’ll both know what’s killing your profits, only then I can better understand how to help you fix it.

Based on the answers you give me in this quiz, if you’d like to discuss further, we can hop on a call and discuss what needs to take place to get you where you need to be. It’s entirely up you, but this is the first step.

Des Woodruff / GrokTrade

P.S. I know I've made a lot of claims above - ya know about helping unprofitable traders become profitable - and I aim to back those up. So if you’re still skeptical, take a look one of the most recent traders I’ve helped become an accredited investor this year! I let him do the talking here…