If the global downturn has bottomed and economic growth rebounds in the coming year, what is the best way to invest?

A new analysis from Ned Davis Research comes up with some familiar responses to that question, with a twist.

The firm’s ETF strategist, Will Geisdorf, uses a measurement called the “stock-bond ratio:” the S&P 500 divided by the U.S. Long-Term Treasury Bond Index, to confirm the coming recovery, and to offer some selections. As the ratio rises, stocks do better than bonds, and vice versa.

“The stock/bond ratio has bottomed prior to the economy in each of the last seven global slowdowns,” Geisdorf wrote in a recent analysis. “Barring an escalation in the trade war, we should see a recovery in early 2020 based on historical lead times.”

Geisdorf’s analysis of which exchange-traded funds are most likely to benefit in this environment returns a set of funds that are higher in beta, or volatility and risk, than the broader market. The sector bets expressed by these funds, including biotech, health care, and banks, also stand to do better in a reflationary environment.

Tellingly, Geisdorf’s analysis confirms other, fundamental, research that suggests investing in many of the same sectors. Biotech, health care services, energy, and banks all have the best “valuation risk/reward,” Geisdorf noted.

Here are his ETF picks.

ETFs with highest sensitivity to the stock/bond ratio
VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETFOIH, +0.77%  
SPDR S&P Oil Services ETFXOP, +2.35%  
ARK Innovation ETFARKK, -0.05%  
United States Oil Fund LPUSO, +1.03%  
SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETFKRE, +0.98%  
SPDR KBW Bank ETFKBE, +0.95%  
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETFBOTZ, -0.09%  
ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETFMJ, -1.91%  
Energy Select Sector SPDR FundXLE, +0.31%  
iShares Micro-Cap ETFIWC, +0.36%  

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