The Complete Guide To Identifying Record-Breaking Trades.

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Learn to Find and Trade The Simple Keys That Record-Breaking Stocks Have In Common For Major Profits


My research has revealed the 10 codes that all huge stock movements have in common. They don’t all share ALL 10 codes, but they all have at least ONE code in common.

Find Record Breaking Trades EVERY TIME

The depth of understanding behind the codes will help you find them ON YOUR OWN, to trade the winners that have the most potential

the People And The Process

How the people AND the process might be the biggest TWO Keys

These two factors are the game changer in the medical market. And these factors, when they align as I lay out, could drive a stock to the moon!

Step-By-Step Analysis

Step-By-Step analysis so you can identify the key, it’s importance, and the next TRADE ACTION to take!

Each key is important, knowing WHY will help you analyze the market on your own, for independent long term success