Are You Watching These Top Marijuana Stocks?

When looking for marijuana stocks to buy many investors tend to focus only on the top players. This could be for many reasons. For instance, maybe some of the top cannabis stocks to watch are less volatile. Which presents a bit more stability for investors. As well another factor can be how much attention and well a given marijuana stock is performing.

This is in addition to the company being up to date with all its financials. Yet even when a certain ticker is gaining more popularity it’s always best to make sure you do your research before investing. Because of how volatile the cannabis sector just a quickly as cannabis stocks can rise as fast as they can fall.

This is why before you invest it’s always best to get an understanding of the market. That way you can limit any kind of risk. Even though no matter the sector risk is always present with any kind of investing. Heading into February investors anticipate that the cannabis sectors will see more of an uptick from last week’s downtrend. From mid-2020 to the start of the new year the cannabis industry as a whole has reached new milestones.

For one, you have more states looking to go legal on top of already legal states looking to expand their current market. Not to mention with in the first few weeks of the new year some marijuana stocks hit new all-time highs. At that time it resonated well for the market and caused other cannabis stocks to rally. Moving into a new month the cannabis stocks below may present a good investment opportunity towards building a profitable portfolio.

Cannabis Stocks To Watch In February

Jushi Holdings Inc.

During the last trading day of the first month of the new year, JUSHF stock dropped in the share price. JUSHF stock went from a share price of $6.72 to $6.56 for a total 2.34 percent dip in trading. Now the company is quite volatile which helps to explain how JUSHF stock price tends to fluctuate in the market. Now some investors feel JUSHF stock is presenting a good entry point for those looking for marijuana stocks to buy.

However, there are some analysts that have labeled Jushi Holdings as a sell for the short term and a buy for a longer investment strategy. With how the cannabis sector is currently performing investors also feel JUSHF stock may rise over 150 percent over the next 90 days of trading. Furthermore up until the last trading day in January JUSHF stock had a decent rally over the past 4 weeks.

From January 4th to the 14 JUSHF stock began to climb in the market with a 4 percent increase in trading. Some may feel that over a 10 day time period that these gains are small but over time all gains start to add up. This comes with patience and understanding of how to play the market. As well on the 15th of January JUSHF dipped down to a $5.95 share before rising to $7.19 on the 25th. Even though currently down Jushi Holdings still presents good growth potential heading into February.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. is one of the few marijuana stocks that have already reached a new all-time high. This uptick in trading took place within the first month of the new year. TCNNF stock hit a high of $46.50 on the 13th of January. Yet when it comes to investing in cannabis stock in 2021 some believe TCNNF stock is a better long-term investment. In addition, some investors have mixed feelings about investing in Trulieve. Meaning some feel this has better short term potential versus those who feel Trulieve is a better long term hold. It’s understandable why some feel a long term position is a better investment.

Mainly because Trulieve has cornered Florida’s cannabis market. Even in the midst of a pandemic and an economic downtrend the company was able to not only open more locations but report record earnings as well. Trading during the first month wasn’t so bad. At the start of the new year, TCNNF began to catch a big upward push in the market. From the 4th to the 13th of January alone TCNNF stock saw 36 percent gains before dipping.

However, even with TCNNF stock dipping, it presents a good entry opportunity to one of the top marijuana stocks to watch in 2021. Some analysts feel this slight downtrend is just the result of a volatile market and the company may possibly start to rise to previous highs. Especially with a strong push for cannabis reform. If the U.S. cannabis industry can figure out a way to end cannabis prohibition this would greatly help a cannabis company like Trulieve Cannabis Corp. With that said so far the new year has started off on a solid push for this marijuana stock as things continue to prosper for the company.

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