Road To Ruin – DO NOT Deposit

DO NOT deposit another dollar into your bank account until you read this book!

Everything that made 2008 terrible is a downright nightmare today…

The information below comes straight from former currency war advisor for the Pentagon, CIA, and national intelligence, Jim Rickards.

  • All of those “too-big-to-fail” banks that caused the 2008 crisis are 38% bigger today
  • All of the risky “derivative” bets the banks made that also went bad in 2008 are more numerous and riskier than ever before
  • And since the 2008 crisis the combined debt has risen by $10 trillion… with the Congressional Budget Office projecting it’ll hit $23 trillion over the coming years…

But there’s one BIG difference between the crisis up ahead… and the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

*** The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are tapped out and have used all of their options.

The government may not have the money it needs to bail-out the financial system, like it did in 2008. But 300 million Americans like you DO have the money… collectively. And that’s where the global elite’s plans lie...

Take it from Jim, these elites don’t want you to know what they're up to…and that’s exactly why he wrote The Road to Ruin.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly what they are up to, how you can protect yourself, and how you could even profit.

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