A bomb claimed by an anarchist group detonated on Thursday in front of the provincial Italian headquarters of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s League party, according to Corriere Del Veneto, citing local police in the northeastern town of Villorba.

Photo via @Emergenza24

The bomb did not cause damage to the building, nor was anyone injured in the blast. 

Meanwhile, a bomb squad safely detonated a second device

Police reportedly intercepted an internet communication recently which discussed bombing the League’s headquarters, according to Corriere Del Veneto

The League party is part of the new Italian coalition government headed by Giuseppe Conte, while the head of the League is Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who assumed office on June 1 and immediately began blocking human trafficking efforts by NGO ships ferrying Libyian refugees across the Mediterranean.

Salvini wrote in a Tweet “They try to stop us, but violent and delinquents do not scare us. Let’s go forward, stronger than before.”

Here is translated text which was intercepted (via Corriere Del Veneto):

Tired of being silent, tired of seeing systematic violence every day through racism, sexism, and wage labor in this society, whose essential values ​​are authority and profit. Nauseated by exploitation we see as main leaders all political parties which repress freedom through the state apparatus, reformer and repressive (TV, mass media, associations, army, civil protection, etc.). The state and capital are the biggest criminals, they even break their laws they steal in the form of taxes, they kill by war and wage labor, the rejections at sea and in the concentration camps for immigrants in Europe and Africa, they irreversibly contaminate man , animals and planet earth, all for their profit and power. Let us not forget the hypocritical complicity of this society made up of citizens who pretend not to see the horrors of racism, of nationalism today and yesterday. This acceptance is the pillar of totalitarianism and democracy: The authority that is based on indifference, fear, apathy, over time has been able to create the Gulags, the Nazi concentration camps, and today those in Libya or under the house our. It is a story that repeats itself.

At dawn, the headquarters of the League in Treviso, was attacked with 1 bomb, we claim the location against politicians, cops, and their minions. To all this we do not want to be accomplices, to the indiscriminate violence of the States we will oppose with the discriminated violence against those responsible for all this. The almost total pacification in Italy, where the masses are busy waging war among the poor, one of our goals is to oppose resignation, impotence and immobility. The state and capital use all the techniques and violence to divert attention from the real problems of the exploited and first of all hatred among the weakest and most disinherited, between one border and another, one gender another, between a skin color and another. It goes without saying that no faction of petty authoritarian politicians would ever be able to satisfy our desires. You are talking about the “yellow-green” government, left and right, we want the state to be destroyed. You are promising salary increases, reduced taxes, jobs, we want to eliminate money, goods and labor. You are fighting for better government conditions, but we just want to have fun on the blazing ruins of your cities. You make politics, we social war. Things are difficult, there is an existential chasm between us and there is no space for dialogue. So all this makes us clear where to hit! Specifically attack racism and exploitation. Strike the state, capital its managers. Direct action makes us clear why and how.

For an internationalist, rebellious, Anarchist solidarity! For a world without borders, authority! With this action we greet the invitation launched by the comrades “cell Santiago Maldonado” who have proposed to strengthen the attacks on the peace of the representatives and accomplices of the dominion. We salute every individuality and Anarchist cell that continues to propagate the flame through action, here and now! “Today we take the torch of anarchy, tomorrow it will be someone else. As long as you do not turn off! “

Solidarity to all prisoners / s, Tamara Sol, Juan Aliste, Juan Flores, Freddy, Marcelo, J.Gan, Marius Mason, Meyer-falk, Dinos Yatzoglou, Lisa Dorfer, members of the CCF and Revolutionary Struggle. To the Anarchists of Florence, Turin, Naples, Cagliari, Chile, Russia, Germany, Poland, of the scripta manent operation. And to all the rebels locked up in their homelands galere in the world!

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