Life’s different for billionaires.

They live in multi-acre estates worth tens of millions of dollars. They drive cars that are the stuff of everyone else’s dreams. They have personal security teams.

And now, they’re going to space.

Last month, Virgin Galactic flew its billionaire founder Richard Branson into space as part of a Disneyland-like joyride to see Earth from a distance as only trained astronauts had seen it before.

A few weeks later, Blew Origin flew its own billionaire founder Jeff Bezos more than 60 miles above the surface of Earth.

A lot of folks wrote those two spaceflights off as “just rich people being rich people.” After all, while both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin will start commercially flying people into space, those tickets are selling for at least $450,000 a pop.

Rich people are flying into space. Big deal…

But it is a big deal – in fact, it’s a bigger deal than pretty much anything else going on in the world right now.


Because those flights kickstarted the emergence of a multi-trillion-dollar Space Economy.

The Multi-Trillion-Dollar Space Economy

You have to understand: The significance of Branson and Bezos going to space isn’t the flights themselves – rather, it’s the foundation they create for the commercialization of space.

As Branson said when he was in space:

“To the next-generation of dreamers: If we can do this, just imagine what you can do.”

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin successfully flying regular folks into space, when paired with multiple successful rocket launches from the likes of Astra Space (NASDAQ:ASTR), SpaceX, and RocketLab USA, is proof that rocket propulsion technology has progressed significantly over the past decade – and is now at a point where we can realistically, quickly, safely, and (somewhat) cost-effectively fly people and things into space.

That’s an enormous deal.

This is the starting point for humans to colonize and commercialize space – which, make no mistake about it, will create a huge economic opportunity.

Over the next several years, companies of all sorts will start throwing hundreds of satellites on these space-bound rockets, and those satellites will forever change the world as we know it.

Some of these satellites will collect geospatial imagery to paint an always-on, 360-degree view of the surface of the planet – which will help inform military and defense operations, natural disaster waring and preparation, plane and cargo transit tracking, and even self-driving cars (yes, satellite imagery will be a big data input for self-driving models).

Some of these satellites will collect GPS radio occultation data, which is radio signal data that leverages space-based atmospheric density readings to improve weather forecasting.

Some of these satellites will try to mine asteroids and transport water and rare minerals back to Earth.

Some of these satellites will create new manufacturing plants in space that leverage the unique conditions of space – no gravity being the biggest one – to more easily and quickly make certain heavy objects.

Some of these satellites will be solar panels that capture a ton of solar energy in space and beam it back to Earth.

Some of these satellites will help in the construction of space hotels, space apartments, and other space-based accommodations that will inevitably become a thing as human interest in going to space grows in the coming years.

The opportunity in space – like space itself – is infinite. In numbers, Morgan Stanley expects the Space Economy to measure $1.7 TRILLION in 2040.

Perhaps Astra’s own CEO put it best: “The next generation of billionaires will be made in space.”

I couldn’t agree more…

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