Cannabis and CBD oils are booming industries.  Economies see a massive boost of billions of dollars when these two hit the scene. From recreational to medicinal, these plants offer a wide range of benefits. We will dive into the details of the history of these plants, proper ways to use them, what we use them for, and how the market is today.

When, where, and why was it first used?

Cannabis is the proper term for this multi-purpose plant, while the government’s term would be marijuana. The sister plant to cannabis, hemp, has no psychedelic mind-altering effects, used industrially, nutritionally, and serves as a relaxing agent with its CBD (cannabidiol). Furthermore, human hands have involved themselves with these plants for about 10,000 years now, dating as far as 8,000+ BCE for textiles in China. Moreover, humans date back at least 250,000 years, and the invention of agriculture dates back about 10,000 years. Carl Sagan, a famous astronomer, amongst other professions, even declared that this plant, cannabis, may, in fact, have been the world’s very first crop used in agriculture and led to civilization itself.

Mystics, shamans, gurus, religions, and more have recorded down using this plant, amongst mushrooms and other psychedelics. Most notably would be DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine), famously touted as “The Spirit Molecule,” which proves to be a chemical of the burning bush of supposed Moses. According to the research of the Dead Sea Scrolls (one of the earliest works of Jews), Mushrooms strongly have a link to Jewish teachings, Egyptology, and via other civilizations. It has been used to treat depression, increase deep sleep (but interferes with REM sleep), allows appetite when abruptly loss of appetite, treats cancers, treats anxiety, aids digestion, aids weight-loss, increases sociability (especially in children whose mother consumed it during pregnancy), and more. There are over 100 known medical benefits of cannabis, arguably the herb with the most benefits. 

They have used hemp for pages of Bibles, flags, jeans, paper, rope, and more. It has over 1000 known industrial uses. In fact, Henry Ford even operated his first vehicles of hemp, proving it was very sustainable and clean energy. However, with the clash of oil, it wouldn’t happen under Andrew W. Mellon, the Secretary of the Treasury under President Herbert Hoover and owner of the sixth-largest bank during that time. He owned most of the Gulf Oil Corporation, a company that had recently established a drive-thru gas station.  

How to use it?

The most popular method of ingestion is by smoking it, which produces less powerful effects than alcohol and many pharmaceuticals. Second to smoking, may in fact be vaping it, in the age of vaping. Which produces greater highs, is cleaner for the body and environment, and conserves more cannabis as it extracts more and doesn’t destroy any chemicals. There is also drinking it as a tea, in smoothies, and other beverages. That brings even more profound effects and lasts hours longer. Moreover, it’s made into candies, notably as “special brownies”, pizza, and more. 

Eating it is where it really highlights itself as a true psychedelic, and it has an even longer duration of effect than when drinking it. As long as we heat cannabis up, it’s activated, which is the opposite of alcohol that loses its toxicity when heated. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is the active ingredient in producing these highs. Not only does it produce a high, but it also serves as a relaxant and serves other medical properties when isolated. That is contrary to what they thought of until recent years, where studies showed THC was merely for producing a high. 

Studies have used THC via injection, noting that high psychosis kicks in from the high potency of such delivery (not advised). Cannabis is mostly not addicting, but some grow a strong mental dependence on it, like chocolate or anything. The dependence of it isn’t anywhere like where if you quit smoking cigarettes “cold turkey” you’ll go into horrible withdrawal symptoms (while plenty of lobbying by Big Tobacco goes to create disinformation against vaping), or even worse with alcohol and other hard drugs, where it may be fatal in suddenly stopping a strong addiction. Plenty of people find boredom in cannabis after enough consumption and do easily take a break from it. It’s a plant that has reverse tolerance, meaning when you first use it, it may take a little while for the body to build up any effect to taking it. 

A brief explanation of the long history of government involvement

The history of usage has been quite a clashing tide of events. Many mystical experiences, self-reflection episodes, parties/fiestas, times of medical aid, and more have stemmed (pun-intended) off this wondrous herb. Government, however, a seeded (pun-intended again) reality as of today, only emerged to what we know of visible records of about 5,000 years of existence. As a result, government and cannabis have been neck to neck in legalities towards the plant being accessible for humans and their right to their peaceful liberty. 

It was in today’s so-called “drug war”, that profits off destroying lives with overpopulated prisons, death penalties, fines, out-casting, and more are stacking up more than ever. Nonetheless, a supposed war wages on that allows many very dangerous drugs like alcohol, many pharmaceuticals, commercial (laced) tobacco, and more, to be legally accessible. In fact, over 50 percent of the United States prison population is merely off cannabis possession. Overcrowded prisons for quite some time now, and more and more demand by tyrant politicians who wish to make more and more for-profit prisons to encase more individuals. America having the largest known prison system in human civilization, ironic as it may in a “free society”. 

Early America had plenty of farms of cannabis and hemp. George Washington even grew it, as we know him for adorning the plant. Kings and Queens in Europe would put high (pun-intended) emphasis on the growth of cannabis and hemp in farmlands. Around the world, these herbs are greatly treasured. It is even the basis of Rastafari, a vegan, cannabis, version of Christianity, founded in Jamaica. We well know Jamaica for cannabis, but to the current day, it still doesn’t remain legal because of British colonization. In America, we could (sarcastically) thank President Nixon, for his public vehement opposition against his scientific team that had declared cannabis safer than alcohol in moderate usage. 

As a result, he started the drug war, amongst the “temporary hold” of gold and silver, to allow the “Federal” Reserve (which JFK got killed over trying to end, amongst other things) to reign more power in controlling society by foreign debt notes, amongst other atrocities. He, along with President Reagan and others, made smear campaigns, calling it a herb that promotes homosexuality, laziness, murder, rape, a link to “Satan” (Devil’s Lettuce), and more. Cannabis itself, however, has killed no one, and in proper conditions of moderate intake labels as safe, according to the current year of 2020 peer-review studies. Furthermore, even down to hemp paper, which was going to overthrow the tree paper industry with a hemp press invented in the early 1900s. However, a man by the name of William Randolph Hearst, who owned the tree paper business, wouldn’t have that and laid out a campaign against such acts.

Propaganda, in various forms, most notably the infamous film, Reefer Madness, proposed that you would kill your family, grow lazy, destroy your life if you used cannabis. “Marijuana”, heavily sprouted (pun-intended) as a method of easily allowing Mexican and Black men to rape Caucasian women. Today, over 50% of America favors cannabis. That is up from just recent years where there was still much distaste for the plant. Stars like the Olympic multiple time winning swimmer Michael Phelps, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, Walt Disney, Cameron Diaz, Joe Rogan of the JRE Podcast (the world’s largest podcast), Sam Harris, Carl Sagan, Bruce Lee, Whiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and many other famous figures have helped fight conceived notions towards cannabis.

CBD, Colorado Organic CBD, Full Spectrum CBD, and more

For CBD oil, top-notch will be organic, so you’re not getting any contaminants and no destruction to the herb itself. CBD applies to the body topically. Also, there are forms developed that allow safe digestion of the juice. You’ll even come across formulas capable of being vaped. Colorado organic CBD oil has treated conditions in which nothing else helped, and for conditions that have had treatment by other things, has allowed the relief to be much more fulfilling in nature (pun-intended). 

Most notably, CBD has helped people who go through hundreds seizures a day. Bringing them down to around one a day, when nothing else worked. Down to rare conditions, such as but not limited to, myasthenia gravis, tuberous sclerosis complex, mitochondrial disease, Behçet’s disease, neuromyelitis optica (devic’s syndrome), ehlers-danlos syndrome, pemphigus, myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter, familial Mediterranean fever, CDKL5 deficiency disorder. Full-spectrum CBD oil is one of three styles of CBD oil. There’s full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. 

Full-spectrum is the only one which contains THC. It contains THC, flavonoids, terpenes, and CBD. There are over 100 types of CBD, including but not limited to  CBD and THC. Over 100 terpenes affect the aroma of cannabis. They also have a therapeutic effect when inhaled, like lavender, geranium, chamomile, etc. 

Cannabis contains about 20 different flavonoids, which give off anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective properties. We commonly find flavonoids in various plants, such as fruits, veggies, grains, and even more. Broad-spectrum contains everything but THC. Isolate, as in the name, only contains CBD. Again, organic is the way to go if you want to make sure there are no fillers, toxic pesticides, or any degeneration of the plant. 

Today’s general market

The market for cannabis has been ever growing, though at the beginning of the lockdown it did dip a lot. A month or two after that, the demand for cannabis stocks grew dramatically. Investors estimate that demand may grow by over 50% this year. Carry on to a recovery 2021 that we hope to see, values will increase higher and your earlier investment will matter even more than usual. Stocks to focus mostly on are Innovative Industrial Properties, GW Pharmaceuticals, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Curaleaf Holdings, Acreage Holdings, Cresco Labs, Trulieve Cannabis, Green Thumb Industries, Planet 13 Holdings, Valens Company. 

If you want the largest stock-holder, it would be Curaleaf. They are the largest publicly traded U.S. multi-state operator (MSO), and the stock to be the first pot stock to reach a milestone of one billion dollars in annual sales. Wall Street tags them with $.11 in EPS next year. There’s a great review, and external links, in one source I’ve provided. 

Why invest?

The American dollar for many years now faces a devaluation of 98%. Before this lockdown, America was already safe to say it went bankrupt. The money owed to parts of the world, most notably China, would be detrimental to the limping economy of America if everyone asked for their debts owed. America holds the most debt in known human history. The country sees the most homelessness and poverty of any first world country. 

The suicide numbers are rising, most notably for years now with the steady 22 veterans a day, and among many students. The relief from dangerous pharmaceuticals that have aided tons of school shootings, addictions, deaths, obesity, deforestation, and more, would be massive. The evidence is clear that cannabis is one of the safest drugs known. With the state America is in, we should seek more push cut ties finally on cannabis being illegal. Roughly 300k deaths occur under Big Pharma’s watch annually, while roughly 30k deaths occur under illicit drugs. 

Plenty of people make more money during a crisis than they ever did before. One figure to attribute this brilliant success to, who understood assets Vs liabilities strongly, is one of the rich, known as Robert Kiyosaki. He’s an American Chinese man who was once homeless and in debt to someone from failure. Now he teaches more than ever that school is mostly indoctrination, to learn instead about what you’re passionate about and how to increase your value beyond the 9-5 hourly grind. 

Trading with a regulated trader, or even trustworthy unregulated traders, is possible. Buying into stocks is a much larger investment, and one not to take lightly, but one to profit from it all when planned appropriately. It brings up the economy, ensures pain relief (especially with women delivering babies), treats mental issues, is a social experience, increases meditative experiences (a society in more demand than ever for meditation), and more. Cryptocurrency is growing more than ever, and Nexo would be the largest wallet and best earnings you could get short-term and long-term out of letting a team handle it for you automatically. It also helps in the massive vegan push, to allow far less deforestation, eliminate animal testing, become healthier through nutrition and through therapy, and more.

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