The economy in 2019 is expected to slow down from 2018, but that doesn't mean your portfolio has to suffer. 

Here are five stocks that could belong in your portfolio for a solid chunk of time:


Adobe Inc. is one company that Chief Investment Officer of Catalyst Funds, David Miller puts in the "great high quality" business category. Adobe has "extremely high-powered earnings growth and revenue growth," Miller said. He noted much of that growth would likely come from cloud sales. Earnings growth could come in at roughly 30% or more in the near future, against a forward 12 months price-to-earnings ratio of 31. One of Adobe's main competitors is Oracle Corp., which has seen its stock go up 37% in the past five year, but Adobe has innovated enough to see its stock soar 347% in that span. 


Microsoft Corp. owns business across tons of areas of the tech sector, but it's the cloud business that continues to have the brightest outlook, Miller said. The cloud business hasn't yet "commoditized," he said, meaning that Microsoft can still charger higher and higher prices for its cloud services, as one of the top two leaders in the space -- the other leader being Inc.


Heico corp. produces electronic equipment for aerospace and defense contractors, which is currently a relatively high growth business. While Heico does have a big valuation, Miller thinks it has the growth outlook to match that valuation, partially because "they have a real true moat around their business at Heico." 

Mercury Systems 

"You don't necessarily want to be in that OEM {original equipment manufacturer} business where you're really providing a commodity," Miller said, referring to the defense contractors that buy parts from Mercury Systems Inc. "You want to be the guy that's providing the part that that OEM really needs, that they can't get elsewhere, and you really see that met by both Heico and Mercury." 

Verisk Analytics 

This one does data analytics, and it has recently had hefty insider buying of the stock, which indicates that management -- the people on the ground and closest to the business -- has confidence in the company's growth. "The executives at Verisk have been very successful in the past, and that's leading us into that firm," Miller said. 

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