Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces ) via SHTFplan.,com,

Five recent articles exemplify the ever-increasing surveillance by TPTB (The Powers That Be) to “fix” you and I… in the manner of goats staked out to lure in the lion. In this case, the lion is a ravening wolf, performing his own staking in the guise of a sheep. The articles will be listed in chronological order. Ironically, the level of alarm should increase with that order, as well.

The reason I’m writing about this is that it is important to cite the things that generally do not receive the greatest amount of interest by the public overall. Some of them are obscure and do not really “jump” out at you until you examine them and see them not merely as they are presented… but the underlying significance to it all. Then it materializes into a puzzle piece.

When the pieces are matched with others in the jigsaw picture? To paraphrase O’Brien in Orwell’s “1984,” you will then see the true portrait of the world they are creating.

1. July 24th, 2018 “What is 5G and what will it mean for you?” by Matthew Wall. 

This explains the 5G system that will be emplaced by many nations by 2020, according to the article. Here are some excerpted passages, compressed together to save time:

“What is 5G exactly?  It’s the next-fifth generation of mobile Internet connectivity promising much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage, and more stable connections. What will it enable us to do?  “Whatever we do now with our smartphones we’ll be able to do faster and better,” says Ian Fogg from OpenSignal, a mobile data analytics company. “Think of smart glasses featuring augmented reality, mobile virtual reality, much higher quality video, the Internet of things making cities smarter. But what’s really exciting is all the new services that will be built that we can’t foresee…driverless cars will be able to “talk” to each other and traffic management systems…swarms of drones co-operating to carry out search and rescue missions, fire assessments and traffic monitoring, all communicating wirelessly with each other and ground base stations over 5G networks…mobile videos should be near instantaneous and glitch-free….wearable fitness devices could monitor your health in real time, alerting doctors as soon as any emergency arises.”

Ian Fogg goes on to write that “…China is experimenting with ultra high definition live drone broadcasts using 5G,” and then adds “Meanwhile, regulators around the world have been busy auctioning off spectrum to telecom companies, who’ve been experimenting with mobile phone makers on new services.”

I like the manner in which that last sentence was presented. Preceding it, Wall mentions “friendly” China, the “lab experiment” for the rest of the world…testing out new gear on their subjects that will be implemented here in Oceania and Eurasia. Then, as if Wall is writing a story for starry-eyed high-school students: “Meanwhile, regulators…”  interchangeable with “Meanwhile, your friendly, honest, elected rulers/lawmakers”… Let’s translate the whole last sentence:  Meanwhile, politicians and lobbyists have been steering the contracts off to those telecoms already in their back pockets, as Edward Snowden revealed in his expose “Citizen Four” a few years ago, to put you completely under their thumb and surveilled…you, the citizen paying for the surveillance placed upon you.

Remember the line I just paraphrased from “1984”?  Can you see what they’re creating? A world where your refrigerator will be able to tell the authorities how much Absolut you have, and how much you’ve consumed. A world where everything…everything, people, and everyone…will be monitored. Swarms of drones on “search and rescue missions?” Or will they be search and destroy operations? Traffic management systems, traffic monitoring, regulators…all of this they want to bring in.

Funny, though: with all of this, they don’t seem to want it when it is placed upon themselves, as you’ll see in the 3rd article cited. First this:

2. July 31st,  2018 “Senate Democrats are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet: Reason Roundup,” by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

The Democrats are using the Russians as the “bogeyman/Emmanuel Goldstein” to push forward measures that are totalitarian. A leaked memo by Senator Mark Warner is entitled “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms,” with the created threat in this instance being listed as “Russian disinformation techniques.”

Really, Warner? To address him as “Senator” would be an insult to the few remaining who truly are. How about the American disinformation techniques by the MSM (Mainstream Media) such as CNN, NBC, CBS, and all of the other quacking, lying, Associated Press (AP) sanctioned scriptwriters who have lied to us over the decades?

Here is what Warner and the other communists (Democrats) want, regarding the Internet and Social Media in the U.S., individuals and companies alike:

  1. Mandatory location verification – on all user accounts and posts

  2. Mandatory identity verification – authentication by companies and forced compliance of those companies by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

  3. Bot Labeling – companies to label bots or be penalized

  4. Define popular tech as “essential facilities” – THIS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IS THE KEY TO THE WHOLE THING…to force regulation in the “interests of national security for critical infrastructure,” and “to protect the public good.” That is the vehicle…for your own good do they subjugate you

  5. More disclosure requirements for online political speech – simply put, to know who is going against the establishment…identify all of them

  6. Countering Cybersecurity Threats – i.e., creating the eternal threat/bad guy for justification for protection of the public and the nation, yada yada.

  7. More funding for the FTC – Of course! What better way to prompt a bureaucracy to regulate the people…than to pay them more money?  Especially as the money is coming from the people, via taxes!

  8. Requirements for social media and Internet firms’ algorithms to be audited by the feds – undoubtedly requiring a whole new bureaucratic arm to be created and funded

  9. [This one I’ll quote directly]: “The paper also suggests making as a rule that tech platforms above a certain size must turn over internal data and processes to “independent public interest researchers” so they can identify potential “public health/addiction effects, anticompetitive behavior, radicalization, scams, user propagated misinformation, and harassment – data that could be used to inform actions by regulators or Congress” Sounds great!  Nebulous and open to selective interpretation.

Regarding “item 9” above, I wrote a piece for SHTF that was released July 16, 2018, entitled A Micro Example of the Increasing U.S. Totalitarianism” that completely ties in with Warner’s memo. Please read it to see what they suggest here in “item 9”…an “outside” firm that is non-governmental set up to be an “authority and regulator” but with government approval and support. It’s a new paradigm: hire a “patsy” to do the dirty work with your authority that can be shut down and take a fall at any time. With the citizens, that’s called a “shell company,” but the government calls them “independent public interest researchers.”

3. August 6th, 2018 “Pentagon Prohibits Personnel From Using GPS Services in All ‘Operational’ Areas,” by Jack Corrigan of Nextgov.

[As mentioned, this one ties in to #1…how the government will not allow any restrictions upon themselves] 

Here is a short excerpt:

“The Defense Department on Monday issued an order barring all personnel from using geolocation services on their personal and government-issued devices in all operational areas. The policy, which applies to smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, smartwatches and all other applications with geolocation features, goes into effect immediately.”

The article goes on to say that the government can exempt personnel from this (termed “make exceptions”) when they want to. Naturally, the measure is to protect government workers, soldiers, operatives, etc., from being compromised when their little clicking toys and devices reveal their locations.

But of course, we common folk are permitted to stroll around the kingdom, shop, talk, twitter, tweet, etc., with all of our locations known, monitored, and recorded. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

4. August 8th, 2018 “Homeless people wearing barcodes to accept cashless payments,” by Camilla Turner of The Telegraph. 

This is in England, as a part of an Oxford University-based initiative superficially appearing to “aid the homeless,” but in reality, it is a purely totalitarian construct. You need to read this article.  The homeless individual carries a card that is matched to an account that is managed by a caseworker…to assure that the donation goes toward a rental payment or an identification card. The “donor” can even make the “donation” with their happy cell phone! Yay! And they can see a “profile” on the homeless individual that gives their circumstances, etc. Isn’t that wonderful?

So, they can actually verify the miserable cause of the person’s misery, and make a miserly donation that will be accounted for by a miserable case worker with their miserable computer…ensuring the miserly money goes toward a miserable, approved payment of some kind. Eliminate the cash, and control all of the serfs.

5. August 9th, 2018 MLB and NFL fans submit their faces and fingerprints to buy food, beer, and tickets,” out of 

This piece details how citizen-serfs can line up for their sporting events and scan their fingerprints for CLEAR’s TSA checkpoints and even to purchase food and alcohol. Complete, of course, with biometric-gathering photo and camera devices. The photo shows a guy who could be quarterback Tom Brady’s brother scanning his fingerprint at the counter while a smiling puppet-person-employee lovingly watches.

Read the article. They’re collecting the data in the easiest manner: passively, and all the while conditioning the people to submit to such actions. What could be the purpose? That is a question you should have answered already. I’ll give it to you, in case you missed it.

They want to monitor, control, and enslave every person on the globe, and kill any who resist or will not serve of use to them.

That is it, plain and simple.

Five different articles from different sources. Look at them as jigsaw puzzle pieces, and see them for their underlying significance. 5G technology interconnecting everything, the Internet and social media completely regulated with no privacy, government maintaining privacy and secrecy for itself, every segment of society including the homeless being controlled and “managed,” and biometric collection on people proceeding without halt.

It’s just an article, I know. The problem lies with the fact that we’ve all been so conditioned as to just accept what is done to us as a whole. Acceptance and complacence are interchangeable in this instance, as either translates into doing nothing to stem the flow toward tyranny. The first step to resisting that tyranny is to be aware, and to sift what is truly relevant from what does not appear to be important at first glance. If you can visualize how the cage is being constructed, you can complete the puzzle, and just maybe the door to the cage will not close with you in it.

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