Perhaps the greatest investment advice of all time comes from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. He advised investors to be greedy when others are fearful and to be fearful when others are greedy. In short, Buffett believes the best way to make money on Wall Street is to look for quality companies that have fallen on hard times.

And we’ve certainly fallen on hard times with the U.S.-China trade war dispute seemingly never coming to an end and recession concerns looming.

As such, there’s certainly no shortage of stocks that are struggling right now, but here’s a look at three stocks to buy now because their pivot is fast approaching.

AT&T (T)

There’s no way around the fact that AT&T(NYSE:T) has faced some major obstacles over the past few years. Although the firm has been touting its potential following a major strategy shift, investors have been wary because subscribers are still leaving the company in droves. However, it looks like things are about to start looking up for T stock, making it one of the best stocks to buy if you’re looking for a turnaround play. 

The firm has several tailwinds on the horizon, which should help the share price make its way back toward $40 per share. First of all, there’s the firm’s rollout of WarnerMedia, a streaming service backed by all of the content AT&T acquired when it took over Time Warner. WarnerMedia is seen rivaling the likes of Netflix(NASDAQ:NFLX) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) with its popular TV and Movie offerings.

Then, there’s AT&T’s 5G rollout, due to continue in force during the back half of this year. Now that 5G is a reality and AT&T is one of the only providers offering quality service, T should be able to reclaim some of the pricing power that it relinquished over the past few years. 

All in all, there’s a lot to like about T stock’s future. The firm is likely to see a bit more turbulence as subscriber losses continue in the current quarter, but much of that is due to the firm’s decision to focus on quality rather than quantity. Now is a great time to add the stock to your portfolio and its 6.29% dividend yield should help ease the pain of the last few bumps in its turnaround. 

International Business Machines (IBM)

Things are starting to look up for IT firm International Business Machines(NYSE:IBM). The firm has been struggling against the tech space’s shift toward a subscription service model and investors have been let down quarter after quarter despite management’s promises that a turnaround is on the horizon. While I’m willing to admit the shift at IBM has taken an exceedingly long time, the firm has a lot of potential if it can follow through on the plans it has laid out. 

The first big catalyst is the firm’s acquisition of Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), announced back in October. Many were concerned about the deal, but RHT’s most recent earnings report shows that the company’s cash flow will be a boon to IBM once the two have merged. On top of that, RHT brings a portfolio of open-source software products under IBM’s umbrella, which should help Big Blue become a more competitive player in the IT market.

Another pain-point for investors has been IBM’s lackluster performance in cloud computing. However, the Red Hat acquisition could make a significant change to the firm’s position as it is currently the largest open-source cloud provider. If IBM is able to use RHT’s dominance in open-source could computing to continue growing its own cloud business, we are likely to see the firm continue cutting out under-performing segments and ultimately speeding up its overall recovery.

The risk with IBM is that the firm will continue to stagnate and the turnaround it has promised won’t materialize. However, the firm looks well on its way to a full-blown about-face and its 4.66% dividend yield will placate investors willing to wait it out.

Boeing (BA)

It has been a rough year for airplane manufacturer Boeing (NYSE:BA). The firm’s new 737 MAX aircraft has been involved in two crashes, which caused the planes to be grounded and many to point the finger at Boeing. Worries about the safety of the new airplane have shaved nearly $70 off BA stock.

Despite the firm’s efforts to improve its software and get back on its feet, the stock still hasn’t fully recovered. 

Of course, the tragedies that occurred with the Max are troubling, but they’re also likely to be soon forgotten by the market anyway. You need only look at General Motors(NYSE:GM) for confirmation of the fact that the public’s attention its fickle. GM knowingly sold cars with faulty ignition switches, even after the problem led to crashes. Ultimately, the company was responsible for more than 100 deaths and hundreds more injuries.

Boeing will eventually be forgiven as well. The firm has already created a software fix that it says should be acceptable to regulators. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker saidhe believes the safety update’s approval is being held up because of politics rather than actual safety issues.

Plus, Boeing had a good showing at the Paris air show earlier this month. Although the firm was still behind competitor Airbus in total number of orders secured, BA was able to ink 240 orders for its aircraft. Even more encouraging was the fact that 200 of those orders were for the 737 MAX and that British Airways (LON:BAY) was the one making the purchase.

That’s a great sign that the MAX trouble is blowing over and once the security update has been approved and pilots resume training on the aircraft, the share price is likely to make a quick recovery.

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