There's a growing universe of low-priced stocks out there, but they all won't remain that way in the year ahead. Some stocks with single-digit price tags have strong fundamentals and catalysts that should propel them higher in 2019.

Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ: SIRI), Snap (NYSE: SNAP), and New Age Beverages(NASDAQ: NBEV) have prospects as high as their share prices are low. Let's go into why they may be game-changing investments in the year ahead.

Sirius XM Holdings

The only game in town when it comes to satellite radio is closing out another year of widening margins on slow yet steady top-line growth. Wall Street believes in Sirius XM. The company is now just hours away from locking up its 10th consecutive year of positive stockholder gains, a rare feat for a low-priced stock -- but it all makes sense when you consider that Sirius XM traded as low as a nickel in early 2009.

Satellite radio is here to stay. There are now 33.7 million subscribers, far more than anyone figured would be paying for car radio. Subscriber growth is slowing (it has still gained more than 1.5 million net new accounts over the past year), but the pending acquisition of Pandora Media (NYSE: P) should change that. 

Sirius XM and Pandora shares have moved lower since the deal was announced three months ago, but it's a smart pairing. The combined company will have a much larger audience to push premium radio to, as well as premium and ad-supported streaming entertainment. Sirius XM may be doing just fine on its own, but with Pandora in its arsenal, it has a better shot at stretching its stock's winning streak to 11 years come 2019. 


Snapchat has had a rough 2018, but the swift sell-off of Snap's shares may be overdone. The social camera app has been shedding users since a poorly received redesign rolled out earlier this year. Snap has experienced back-to-back quarters of sequential declines in daily active users, but things aren't as dire as they would seem to be based on the fact that the stock has plummeted more than 80% since peaking shortly after its early 2017 IPO.

Daily active users have still grown 5% over the past year, and Snap is getting better at monetizing its engaged audience, which remains 186 million strong. Revenue rose 43% in Snap's latest quarter. 

Snap may be losing executives, and its advertiser penetration rate remains low. However, even notable worrywarts are starting to change their tune in light of the cascading share price. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield upgraded the stock from sell to neutral two weeks ago. Greenfield is still concerned about Snap's future, and the signs of a turnaround aren't exactly there. A neutral rating isn't high praise, but anything that isn't brutally bearish sentiment sets the stage for a potential bounce in the new year. 

New Age Beverages

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. New Age Beverages turned heads earlier this year when it unveiled a new line of cannabidiol-infused beverages, just before Canada legalized recreational marijuana and Congress passed the farm bill that clears the way for hemp-based products to hit store shelves. 

New Age Beverages isn't squandering all of the attention that its stock and beverages are generating. It struck a deal to acquire Morinda -- the much larger company behind Tahitian Noni Juice -- for just $85 million. Morinda will prop up sales, but more important is the fact that it also expands New Age's retail and global footprint for its growing line of functional beverages. New Age Beverages was able to nab Morinda for a little more than a fifth of its current market cap, a brilliant value that will pay off nicely in the year ahead. 

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