The month of July has already shown a lot of promise for marijuana stocks. Although we have not seen any major gains on a given trading day, upward momentum continues to be a theme. In the past four months, the majority of marijuana stocks have shot up substantially in value. This is due to a lot of factors including increased cannabis demand as well as general market growth. But, it is worth saying that the past four months are not a sustainable representation of pot stocks. As investors, we want stability in our portfolio. And although big days of gains are undoubtedly good, it is again, an unsustainable way to grow. In the cannabis industry, stability has not been an overall theme.

Rather, we have witnessed a lot of fluctuations in many leading marijuana stock prices. As the cannabis industry matures, we as investors are hoping to see more stable gains and losses. This will undoubtedly make investors more comfortable with the idea of putting money into marijuana stocks. For that reason, these two leading pot stocks to watch could be winners in the end of July. With stability on the horizon, investors should keep an eye on these two marijuana stocks.

The Leader Amongst MSO Pot Stocks

Curaleaf Holdings Inc. is one of the most popular MSO marijuana stocks. Since its going public, the CURLF stock has shown an incredible amount of momentum. Investors have continued to watch CURLF stock because it not only holds growth potential, but it is also a very stable pot stock to watch. In its most recent quarter, CURLF stock reported having 28% growth in its revenue. This may not seem incredible, but considering the global pandemic, it is quite good. One of the major reasons for its growth is its brand known as Select. 

This brand has its products in as many as nine states around the country. This includes major cannabis industries such as California, Oregon, and Nevada. By the end of this year, Curaleaf has stated that it will add several more states to that list. As a whole, the company has almost 60 dispensaries in the country. In addition, it has 15 cultivation sites and almost 25 processing facilities. With that in mind, Curaleaf remains one of the most prominent MSO pot stocks to watch.

Another Growth Pot Stock to Watch

Green Thumb Industries Inc. is an easy choice for a marijuana stock to watch. As of July, GTBIF stock has grown from the 48 dispensaries that it has in the country. These dispensaries span as many as 12 states around the U.S. which is quite a broad market. Although it is not the largest MSO pot stock, GTBIF stock has a substantial amount of growth. Green Thumb has managed to continue expanding during the COVID pandemic, which is not something many pot stocks can say.

In the past few months, it has opened new dispensaries in Pennsylvania, Nevada and more. In addition, GTBIF Stock has even more potential with a large number of licenses that have yet to be capitalized upon. In the U.S. demand for marijuana has continued to rise during this pandemic. This is one of the main reasons that we have seen so many gains in the past few months. Although Green Thumb can be quite a volatile pot stock, it does remain one of the more interesting marijuana stocks to watch.

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